Buying a House in Cash vs. Mortgage Financing: Which is Right for Me?

July 21, 2021 | 3 min read | Owning a home

If you have the means to do so, you may be wondering if you should pay all cash for a home or get a mortgage. Some believe that it may be better to put an all-cash offer on a home in today’s competitive housing market. However, getting a mortgage could be a better financial option, given the rising property values and historically low mortgage rates. 

Pros of Buying a House in Cash

A few benefits of buying a house in cash include:

  • Make you a more competitive buyer
    Today’s real estate market is becoming more competitive, especially in suburban areas, as there has been a greater demand for larger living spaces. If you approach a seller and offer to pay all cash, they may find you a more competitive buyer than someone applying for mortgage financing. 
  • Avoid paying interest
    Although there are significant expenses associated with owning a home, you will avoid paying interest on a loan if you purchase it in cash. 
  • Close on your home faster
    Paying all cash may allow you to close on the transaction and move into the home more quickly. People who can afford the house and have a tighter time frame may be more willing to purchase the home with all cash. 

Pros of Getting a Mortgage

There are countless benefits to getting a mortgage. Here are a few reasons why you should consider getting a mortgage for your next home purchase. 

  • Take advantage of historically low interest rates
    Compared to different types of investments, such as car loans and student loans, mortgage rates have remained historically low. That means that home loans may be cheaper than other types of loans, so you may want to allocate your available cash towards a purchase other than your home
  • Help maintain your liquidity 
    Even if you have enough money saved to buy a home with all cash, depleting your liquid assets may not be the right financial decision for you. Having more liquid cash on hand may help you better prepare for economic and personal uncertainty and make you more equipped to manage these uncertain situations. 

    Additionally, it may better equip you to purchase another home if you have more liquidity. If you are looking to sell your home and buy another, you may have to wait for the sale to finalize before you have available funds for a new down payment.
  • Allows you to diversify your investments
    Many people believe that it is essential to diversify your investments to lower risk and ensure financial stability and strength. One of the most hallowed rules in finance is diversification. Invest the portion of the money that you would have used to pay all cash for your home into other types of high-yielding investment accounts. 
  • Take advantage of certain tax benefits
    Getting a mortgage may allow you to take advantage of certain tax benefits, such as the mortgage interest deduction rule. 
  • Build your credit score
    Although you may need a good credit score to apply for a mortgage, making timely and consistent mortgage payments will naturally boost your credit score. This will prove you are a reliable and responsible borrower. 

Overall, no matter how much house you can afford, whether it is a $10 Million or $250,000 home, a mortgage may be more beneficial for your long-term financial health. If you are thinking about buying a home and are wondering if cash vs. mortgage is right for you, get in touch with one of our mortgage specialists. We will evaluate your current scenario and advise you on your best options. Just remember – even if you do not buy a home in cash, you are still investing in a significant asset that may appreciate and provide greater future value.