Commercial Real Estate Loans

GuardHill has been one of the top commercial real estate companies in the Tri-state area since 1992. Commercial real estate loans allow borrowers to purchase or refinance a business property.


What are Commercial Real Estate Loans?

Commercial real estate loans allows borrowers to purchase or refinance a business property. Commercial real estate refers to real estate that is used for business purposes such as retail centers, office buildings and hotels.

Commercial Mortgage Rates

Commercial mortgage rates may vary depending on the loan program, property value, loan amount, and other outstanding factors. If you are looking to purchase or refinance a commercial real estate property, contact us today.


Commercial Real Estate Companies

As highly skilled mortgage professionals, GuardHill can help you structure a commercial real estate loan for your business to save you money and provide you with the liquidity to invest in your business in other ways.


Why Choose GuardHill?

GuardHill has over 31 years of mortgage financing experience and specializes in providing standard and out-of-the-box financing solutions for our customers. GuardHill works with numerous investors and lenders and offers various loan programs to provide borrowers with the best financing solutions possible.