Refinance Mortgage Options

Are you looking to lower your monthly payments and/or pay off your mortgage faster? Interest rates, while rising, are still historically lower than in years past. By refinancing your existing loan, the total finance charges may be higher over the life of the loan. GuardHill Financial is prepared to help you take advantage of this amazing, cost effective opportunity to refinance, today. We will work to minimize adjustments and avoid major out of pocket expenses for your refinanced loan.

The Five Benefits of Refinancing:

  • A lower monthly payment
  • Consolidated debt
  • Pay your mortgage faster
  • Shortened mortgage term to reduce total interest payments
  • Take out cash

Refinance Calculator

Refinancing can often relieve a homeowner of a troubling mortgage payment that is not working for them. See a representative today to lock in your refinanced loan before interest rates increase. Check out our Refinance Savings Calculator to see how much money you could be saving.

If you are considering changing from an adjustable rate to a fixed loan rate, looking to consolidate debt from credit cards or other loans, or are looking for cash for your home improvements, call (646)-519-7523 now. At GuardHill Financial, we work with each individual homeowner to find a plan that will work for them.