The term jumbo pertains to a loan amount that exceeds the Fannie Mae conforming and high balance loan limits. Depending on where you are buying a home in the United States, you will find corresponding tiers of qualifying amounts. In New York, as of January 1, 2018, the conforming loan limits have increased to $453,100 and the high balance loan limits are up to $679,650 for single family Co-Op and Condo loans. Whether you are looking for a fixed or an adjustable rate program, GuardHill Financial is especially equipped to professionally assist you with your conforming, high balance, and jumbo loans.

Jumbo Loan Professionals

Found your ultimate dream home? GuardHill Financial specializes in the financing of jumbo mortgage loans. We are based in NYC and lead the nation in the number of jumbo transactions handled annually. We will work with you to offer the best mortgage program to meet your individual needs.

GuardHill Financial has been specializing in mortgage services in the Tri-State area since 1992. Qualify for a jumbo loan today with GuardHill Financial.