What Top Real Estate Professionals Should Know

April 10, 2015 | 1 min read | Owning a home, The mortgage process

By Alan Rosenbaum, CEO/Founder

Did you know that mortgage financing is easier now than ever if you use the right mortgage company? Most real estate professionals prefer all-cash borrowers because they are concerned customers who want a mortgage may be turned down by a bank. Did you know that if we approve the customer and the building up front, the buyer can still make a non-mortgage contingency offer? We recommend you have your customer get pre-approved before showing them dozens of homes. Also, more importantly, we would be pleased to pre-approve the buildings whether you are representing the buyer or for one of your own listings. Also, don’t assume that because your client is looking for a $4mm home or that he/she works for a hedge fund that he/she will easily obtain a mortgage.  Approvals are based on the stability of income, post-closing assets, and credit scores.  We have seen many wealthy people who do not possess each of these requirements (all 3 are needed).  We have many different lenders who will make these exceptions where the large banks may not. Let us do all of the work for you and your customer whether they ultimately use our service or not. GuardHill is still the only mortgage firm that is headquartered in NYC and understands co-ops, condos and foreign buyers better than any other mortgage company. Please reach out to your GuardHill rep for the best advice and service. At GuardHill, we are here to help you close more deals with no hassle as we have for 23 years.