Essential Mortgage Tips for Realtors and Their Buyers

March 19, 2015 | 1 min read | GuardHill News

By Alan Rosenbaum, CEO/Founder

Realtors and homeowners need mortgage professionals who can assist them in getting the tough deals done.  Any mortgage company can assist qualified wealthy US citizens looking to buy in an established co-op or townhouse.  But when it comes to condos, foreign buyers, and investors, buyers and realtors need to know who they can depend on for quick approvals.  At GuardHill, our rates are competitive and beat any mortgage company on the easy loans but our true benefit is realized in helping close the difficult transactions.

GuardHill can lend on almost any co-op or condo in NYC, Brooklyn or Queens. Most companies cannot lend in many well-known and established buildings, much less the newer, smaller and less capitalized ones.  Buildings are commonly rejected by banks because of a lack of reserves, high investor concentration, litigation; etc.  At GuardHill, we identify these issues upfront and resolve them to avoid anxiety, embarrassment, or the loss of the deal.

Foreign buyers represent a growing segment of the marketplace.  We have numerous programs that specialize in these transactions. Our employees speak the customers’ native languages which helps borrowers feel more comfortable.  Often foreign buyers pay all cash because they hear that financing is difficult.  If they can afford to pay all cash for a $4mm home, perhaps they could purchase an $8mm home or buy a second property if they knew that we could finance it for them.

Nothing can be worse in the buying process than for an agent and buyer to look at homes for months only to have their loan request denied right before the closing. One call to GuardHill and we can lead both the buyer and the agent in the right direction to help you close the deal quickly with no stress.