How to Prepare for a Home Inspection


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One of the steps to buying a home involves getting a home inspection. Once you have a pre-approval, apply for a mortgage and find your dream home, you will want to get a home inspection. When you’re making such an important financial decision, it is important to make sure that the property is in proper condition. You don’t want to face any surprises after closing on a home.

When do I get a Home Inspection?

Typically, an inspection takes place once the home buyer finds the right property, makes a purchase offer, and the offer has been accepted by the seller.

How do I Find a Home Inspector?

Similar to many other services, you can rely on your friends or family members for a home inspector referral.  Your real estate agent or mortgage lender may also work with specific home inspection companies.

What Happens During a Home Inspection?

The home inspector thoroughly evaluates the condition of the property. During an inspection, the following factors may be examined:

  • Heating and electrical systems
  • Roof
  • Ceilings
  • Plumbing
  • Floors
  • Windows and doors
  • Structure of the home and foundation
  • Walls
  • Insulation
  • Attic
  • Basement

Once all of these items (and more) are examined, the home inspector will review the overall condition of the home with you. The home inspector will point out any problems such as cracked walls, leaking roof, mold, etc.

How Long Does a Home Inspection Take?

The timing of an inspection may vary. Home inspections may take been 2-4 hours.

What Happens After the Home Inspection?

The buyer and seller will receive complete copies of the inspection. Depending on the severity of the problems found during the inspection, the buyer may negotiate with the seller to fix any problems or adjust the terms of the purchase offer [if applicable]. Depending on the terms of the contract signed with the seller if the seller refuses to make repairs, the buyer can back out of the deal and move on. A home inspection not only brings light to issues unknown to the buyer but also possibly to the seller. The seller might have never known that there were any issues.

Make sure you hire a home inspector that has great reviews and reviews everything thoroughly. As said above, you don’t want any surprises after buying your home!