Holiday Energy Saving Tips

October 28, 2021 | 2 min read | Owning a home

The holiday season is quickly approaching. That may mean more decorations, entertaining, and cold weather for many. Unfortunately, with the holiday season typically comes larger energy bills. If you’re looking to lower your monthly energy bill while still staying in the holiday spirit, focus on these holiday energy saving tips! 

1. Switch to LED Lights 

Using LED lights are 80%-90% more energy-efficient than regular light bulbs! Plus, LED lights typically do not get as hot as traditional light bulbs, making them a safer alternative for pets and children. 

2. Lower the Thermostat

Consider turning your heat down if you have guests over. The warmth from body heat can quickly warm up a space. Or, light your fireplace instead for some extra heat! 

3. Put your Lights on a Timer

Hook up your inside and outside lights to a timer. Wait to turn on the lights until it starts getting dark out for the best effect. This way, the lights won’t be on and use energy all day and night. 

4. Optimize your Oven Space

Holidays are the time for baking! Cook multiple dishes in the oven at once to conserve energy.

5. Use your Dishwasher 

Typically, running your dishwasher nightly is more energy-efficient than hand-washing dishes because it uses less water. 

6. Unplug Electronics Before Going on Vacation

If you go on vacation during the holidays, make sure all electronics are unplugged.  If you leave things plugged in, they are considered “vacation vampires.” Plugged-in items still consume a lot of energy even if they are not on. A big one is your computer! Make sure your computer is completely shut down and not just on sleep mode.

7. Invest in Rechargeable Batteries

Use rechargeable batteries in household items that need batteries.