5 Tips to Help Maintain a Healthy Home This Winter

February 14, 2020 | 1 min read | Owning a home

It’s mid-winter with fluctuating temperatures, so you know what that means – flu season.

Here are some helpful tips to help you maintain a healthy home this winter season!

1.) Keep your home clean

Make sure you’re cleaning your sheets and towels at least once a week, dusting furniture once a week, and disinfecting all surfaces a couple of times a week. Regularly cleaning your home will help maintain the buildup of any bacteria.

2.) Use a humidifier 

When it gets cold out, the air inside your home can get very dry. Long-term exposure to dry air may lead to a sore throat or congestion. Turn on a humidifier at night while you’re sleeping to bring some moisture back into the air.

3.) Stock up the fridge with lots of fruit and vegetables

Staying healthy starts with eating clean! Remember, always keep antioxidant-rich fruits and vegetables in your fridge. Eating lots of fruits and vegetables when you’re sick may also help shorten the length of a cold or flu.

4.) Let some fresh air in

Do you ever feel like the air in your home gets stuffy in the winter? Open up your windows for a few minutes every so often, to let the stuffy air out, and the fresh air inside.

5.) Check for any leaks in the walls, ceilings, or windows

Make sure there are no leaks or cracks in the walls, ceilings, or windows. Inspect for any holes or cracks to make sure there’s no water coming inside from melting snow. Remember, mildew and mold thrive in moist, warm environments!