5 Tips to Create a Positive and Productive Remote Work Environment 

March 23, 2020 | 2 min read | Owning a home

While working remotely, it’s essential to set up your home workspace to create a positive, clean, and productive work environment. No matter if you’re in your spacious suburban home or a smaller city apartment, here are a few tips on how to create a positive remote work environment:

1. Stick to a Schedule 

Many people often struggle to figure out a proper routine while working remotely. Sticking to a schedule may help you create structure in your day, keeping you motivated and productive. Try waking up at the same time each day, and follow the same routine you typically would do before leaving for your morning commute. 

2. Set up a Workspace

It can be easy to get distracted while working from home. Set up a comfortable workspace for yourself, whether it be on a folding table in the corner of your bedroom or converting your dining table to a desk. Giving yourself a workspace to sit at all day may help you feel more motivated, as it is a similar feeling to sitting at your work desk. 

Tip: Remember to de-clutter your workspace! Keep your “desk” tidy to avoid any distractions. 

3. Let in Natural Light

If you can, try setting up your workspace near a window to let some natural light into your home. If your apartment or house doesn’t get much natural light, try to enhance your space with lamps and candles! Working in a light and bright environment may improve mood and give you more energy throughout your day. 

4. Utilize Technology to Interact with your Co-Workers

Although we aren’t able to go outside and socialize with others during these times, don’t forget that you can video chat or call your co-workers instead of emailing back and forth all day. Make sure you’re feeling connected with all of your co-workers that you would typically interact with during your day in the office! 

Tip: Suggest hosting a video conferencing company happy hour to get all of your teammates together to socialize at the end of the workday! 

5. Focus on your Mental Health

While working remotely, you may not be moving around as much as you typically would in the office. Make sure you allocate some time in your day for exercise, meditations, healthy meals, and fun activities such as doing a puzzle or playing cards.

Tip: Without your daily commute, you may have some extra time on your hands. Now maybe the perfect time to start a new hobby such as painting or cooking!

Although these times may be challenging, try to create a healthy structure in your day. Shape your day, similar to how it was while you were in the office—as with anything new, working from home may take trial and error. See what works for you and what makes you feel most comfortable and happy – because that’s what matters the most.