Corporate Mortgage Program

$500 Discount

$500 to be applied towards closing costs for purchase or refinancing transactions throughout the country.

What are the benefits to your employees?

Your employees will receive a free pre-qualification and a $500 credit towards closing costs when they obtain a loan through our banking division. They will be privy to our relationships with top lenders, as well as our own banking platform. This enables us to provide employees access to the highest level of service combined with superior rates. Our reputation over the last 31 years has distinguished GuardHill as the premier privately held mortgage specialist in the country today.

Our commitment to you

  • To be available to answer all of your questions
  • Return voice messages and emails right away
  • Provide the best financing solutions for you
  • Expedite you through the lending process
  • Empower you financing choices backed by our 31+ years of experience


Why Choose GuardHill?

GuardHill has over 31 years of mortgage financing experience and specializes in providing standard and out-of-the-box financing solutions for our customers. GuardHill works with numerous investors and lenders and offers various loan programs to provide borrowers with the best financing solutions possible.