Corporate Mortgage Program

Successful companies are known to use Corporate Mortgage Programs as a way to offer more benefits to their employees, at absolutely no cost to the company. This program will motivate employees to take pride in their work with extra mortgage benefits. Through the program, employees can access wholesale residential mortgage rates and reduced closing costs.

At no cost to the employer, Corporate Mortgage Programs are an added bonus that will reward your employees for all of their hard work. GuardHill Financial will provide participants of the program with proper communication materials, alleviating the company from needing to disseminate information about the program to its employees.

Key Benefits of Our Corporate Mortgage Program:

  • Employees will receive credit towards closing costs when they obtain a loan through our banking division.
  • Licensed as both a Mortgage Banker and Broker, GuardHill has relationships with 50 of the top lenders and investors. We can provide the employer and employee access to the lowest rates and the most diverse product mix available in the market today.

With our full staff of underwriters, credit and closing specialists, each employee will enjoy a level of service, confidentiality and professionalism found only at GuardHill.

  • GuardHill Financial’s prestigious reputation and significant volume give it substantial leverage with the lenders we work with on a daily basis. This “clout” allows us to negotiate on the employee’s behalf to expedite processing, waive conditions, and structure the best possible program available.

Inquire with GuardHill Financial about how your employees can receive the benefits associated with our Corporate Mortgage Program. GuardHill Financial has a reputation for over 25 years as a premier privately held mortgage specialist.  We deliver the highest level of service with the utmost professionalism.

Call us today at (646)-519-7523 to see how your company can benefit.