When to Apply for a Mortgage

It’s not every day that you find yourself in the market to purchase a home. Thus, the mortgage process may be unfamiliar to many potential homeowners. We’re here to help you better understand the mortgage process, ranging from when to apply for a mortgage to the timeline of the mortgage application process.


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We advise homebuyers to apply for a mortgage before they begin their home search. If you apply for a mortgage and get pre-approved, you will have a better understanding of how much house you can afford. Understanding how much house you can afford will help narrow your home search. Plus, a mortgage pre-approval makes you a more competitive candidate when negotiating for a home.

How Do You Apply for a Loan?

It is now time to learn how to apply for a mortgage. Don’t worry – GuardHill makes it easy for you. We have an easy online application process that syncs with a mobile app!

Click here to begin your mortgage application via the internet or mobile app.

How Long Does a Mortgage Application Take?

The online application should take no more than 10 minutes. You will answer personal questions related to income and employment history as well as questions related to the subject property. Throughout the mortgage process, you will need to provide certain documentation to your mortgage lender. This documentation can be uploaded using our mobile app and will help to streamline the process. Click here to review which documents are needed throughout the mortgage process.

We try and make the mortgage application process as quick and seamless as possible for our clients. With our attention to detail, dedication to customer service, and streamlined online application, GuardHill has helped thousands of clients achieve their homeownership goals.

Work with a mortgage lender you can trust.