Employee Spotlight: Jordan Roth

Employee Spotlight: Jordan Roth

Dedicated Vice President, Avid Cyclist, Craft Beer Enthusiast, Devoted Father and Husband


Jordan Roth

Although he may be dreaming of speeding down the Dolomites in Italy on his bike, or racing his daughter on skis down a mountain in Alta, Utah, when Jordan puts on his headset in his large, sun-filled lit office in NYC, it’s go-time. 

Or one could say Jordan’s true “Go-time” starts at 5:00 AM sharp every morning as he gears up for a 25-45 mile bike ride along Route 9W into NYC. And his passion for sports doesn’t stop there; in between endless email chains and connecting with clients, Jordan occasionally checks the scores of his favorite soccer, football, basketball, and volleyball teams on ESPN. Although the second he hears the phone ring (of course, no more than two rings), the headset goes on and he’s a focused machine.

Jordan skiing in Utah

You may be wondering, why does it matter if the phone rings more than two times? Well, two of Jordan’s most cherished life lessons were learned when he was working for Danny Meyer in the hospitality industry. Those lessons are (1) Never say no to clients and (2) Never let the phone ring more than two times (if you are nearby). Jordan has applied these lessons and skills to all of his life experiences, including mortgages.  Whether he is dealing with a tough mortgage financing deal or trying to negotiate with his daughter about “no iTouch games before bed,” Jordan’s goal is to understand all of his clients’ needs to serve them in the best possible way with the utmost control and respect. With over 16 years of mortgage financing experience, Jordan can swiftly adapt within the ever-changing industry and successfully close loans for his clients.

Jordan’s daughter, Isabella and wife, Laura

After work, you can catch Jordan at Union Square Cafe, his favorite NYC dining spot, or testing out new pasta sauce flavors for his wife Laura’s home-grown company, Jar Goods.  You may even find him lounging in his favorite Bates College sweatshirt sipping on an ice cold Gonzo beer by Flying Dog.

Jordan happened upon the mortgage industry by chance almost 17 years ago but has stuck with this career as he has found great happiness and success along the way. Jordan has been with GuardHill Financial for almost 5 years.


You may contact Jordan Roth at 646.519.7636 or jroth@guardhill.com
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