Another residential loan wave swells in NYC

Alan Rosenbaum, CEO of GuardHill Financial Corp., is interviewed by The Real Deal on Financing New York’s Foreign Nationals.

Another residential loan wave swells in NYC

GuardHill’s Niche Financing to Foreign Nationals

Nonbank lenders are also taking advantage of the lending opportunities in New York City. Alan Rosenbaum, CEO of Manhattan-based mortgage lender and brokerage GuardHill Financial, said the company has seen a major increase in loan volume in the past year.  He noted that the firm has specifically targeted foreign buyers who have a tough time obtaining traditional financing.

In addition to competing in an emerging space, GuardHill’s niche has proven to be particularly useful now that Chinese investors are facing tough capital controls.

“We have loan products that other local, retail banks do not have,” Rosenbaum said, such as loans designed specifically for foreign nationals.

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